About us


Al Wadeed Enterprises holding National Tax Number 3997895-8 launched on Friday 8th December 2017 FishShop.pk. The company is a sole proprietor firm operated by ambitious owner Mr. Khizer Muhammad.

Mr. Khizer Muhammad is a person whose life is full of challenges and aims. He belongs to the business community Panjabi Dehli Sodagran, here in Karachi, Pakistan. He is also a member of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce.

Story Behind FishShop.pk:

The current era is full of contaminations. It’s extremely hard to find quality fresh food items. Most people are eating contaminated, unhealthy food. Suppliers don’t mind compromising on quality to increase their profit, selling cheap, low-quality dairy, vegetables, meat products, etc.

We will disclose here some of the unethical practices in the seafood business.

There are 3 types of fish in the market: A grade, B grade and C grade. Furthermore, there is also D grade, but it’s spoiled and is used in poultry feeds, not for human consumption. The main concern is fish with A, B and C grades, and it’s shocking – sellers supply only C-grade seafood to consumers. After deep research we found that export firms buy tons of fish lots from fisheries and sort out the C-grade fish, and export A-grade and B-grade seafood to the international market. These exporting firms sell the left-over C-grade fish to local sellers at low prices. Normal people think these suppliers are the main wholesalers, but the truth is completely different. The fish travels through 4 hands as explained below:

1- Fishermen: the smallest fisherman sells at least 6000 kg of mixed seafood.

2- Exporters: they buy a whole lot by auction, and bring all seafood to their cold-storage sorting facility.

3- Middlemen: the fisheries sellers, they buy sorted C-grade seafood in small quantity from exporters, and sell it in the local market.

3- Local shopkeepers: they try to find good-quality C-grade fish from fisheries suppliers, and bring it to their shop and sell it to local consumers.

Another dark scenario is that local shopkeepers are fooling their customers by selling Farm House fish; these fish are fed with artificial food, which makes them less nutritious and less tasty.

Taste and Nutrition Values:

A-grade and B-grade seafood has unbelievable taste; even if you eat any sort of seafood, the taste is unforgettable.

People are willing to pay for quality products, but they fail to find hygienic items fit for daily consumption.

That’s the challenge Mr. Khizer Muhammad accepted; the main aim is to supply only A-grade and B-grade great-tasting products to their valuable clients.

You will taste the difference from your very first bite. As we guarantee 100% satisfaction, we return the full amount if our customers are not happy with the delivered items.

The Secret:

How could we supply such seafood, in such bad market conditions? The answer is; it’s our secret, which we don’t want to share. But what we share is that: Mr. Khizer Muhammad buys by himself and gives high attention to each and every order.

He learned from his uncle (Mamo), named Mr. Salim Shamsi, 72 years old, who has been addicted to fishing for over 60 years and eats only his own caught fish. By smell alone he can distinguish between different grades.

Hygiene Control:

We use a standardized process to keep fish fresh and hygienic at every step, the least possible human interference to keep your order fresh and hygienic, all delivered at your doorstep with a fully controlled temperature.